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I'll race you. Pinky promise.

6 jun. 2010

The Basket Case

So, at your eyes Im a -I would say it- cute weirdo.
My mind is a whole new ''stuff'' that -I would say it, again- you didn't knew before and now you're petrified of the things that I can think.
I'm a new perspective that your skull can't afford, because you didn't knew that there's a world outside your head.

... and you call me a ''Basket Case''?

This personality of yours is a copy of a bunch of movie characters that you know by heart.
I can see a little of ''The Godfather'' in you. Also more of John Bender's ''The Breakfast Club''. But you don't really need a definition.
I shouldn't do that anyways.
At the end, you rest your head in that sad pillow of yours
Thinking those ideal comments which you pretend to annoy me
I may get hurt at the beginning
Because I'm a human being, as always.
But, yet again, at the end the basket case glows in your personality
Showing everyone who the real basket case is.
I don't need to talk to be rude.