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19 sept. 2012

Lion's Feathers

Sleep, my lion, my eyes, my hero.
Sleep until the three of us become one again.
Moon, let your light guide him in the eternal night.
Sun, let him speak through a thunder in the middle of the
Stars, arrange yourselves as musical notes for him to practice.
Don't let him lose his touch.

Rain, be grey and gentle as a tear. Keep in mind that we
don't want him to cry more than we do.

And time...
Oh time, you senseless brother of God, be careful as you
pass through our lives. As senseless that you are, be fast,
be peaceful, be wise.

Be merciful with our decisions. Let his sacrifice show in full
glow his magnificence by keeping us without him.

Faith... just grow.

Image found in Deviantart. Do not own.

Poem by Andrea Santana (Pika Baccara) in her father's 59th birthday anniversary, second year without his physical presence.

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